"One Heart One Soul"

Copyright Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Bray Park

Selection - We are a group of approx 5 parishioners selected by the Parish Priest who meet to discuss the Parish finances.

Meetings - We usually meet on a quarterly basis after the Parish Secretary has prepared the Income/Expenses figures for the previous quarter (eg. we meet in April to overview the Jan-March report).

Requirements - At these meetings (attended also by the Parish Priest), the committee scrutinises the financial performance of the Parish. This committee, with the blessing of the Parish Priest, usually decide the financial priorities of the Parish.

Reporting - We are required to prepare an Annual Budget prior to 1st January yearly and at approx same time to sign off on the previous yearly Financial Statement - a copy must be sent to the Archdiocese at this time and before 30/6 following year. We run on a financial year Jan to Dec. We have a responsibility to report to the Parish Council and parishioners at least quarterly.

Future Needs - Approximately every 7-10yrs we are called on to run a Parish Giving Program - this provides the parishioners an opportunity to see what priorities we have as a Parish and to look at their own personal giving - with a view to a possible "increase" to meet future Parish financial wants/needs to build up the Kingdom here in Pine Rivers.