"One Heart One Soul"

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The Liturgy of the Eucharist is the centre of prayer, praise and thanksgiving to the Father. Members of this community are actively encouraged to take part in this powerful celebration, by participating in one of the following Liturgical Groups:

Eucharistic Ministers

Readers assist the assembly to hear the Word of God in our Eucharistic liturgies. This involves prayer and preparation, so that they understand the message a particular reading is conveying and they can proclaim it in such a way that the message is understood by the faithful. See here for more details.

Altar Servers
Altar Servers assist the Priest during the celebration of the Mass. Two servers are usually required for each weekend Liturgy. Servers need to perform their ministry with sincere devotion and decorum. They must be prepared to undergo training in the correct, orderly and reverent performance of their ministry.  See here for more details.

The Sacristan looks after the sacred vessels and vestments and ensures that liturgical supplies needed by the Parish are available.

They visit, welcome and inform new Parishioners about the Holy Spirit community.

The role of the Music Ministry is to assist participants at Mass and other Liturgies in their praise of God; to enrich the sense of community at our celebrations. Singers and musicians provide an accompaniment to responses and prayers (Hymns), encouraging greater joyful participation by everyone present.

Altar Society
The Altar Society comprises a group of people who ensure that the Altar always prepared for liturgical celebrations by cleaning the sacred vessels, washing and ironing of the altar linen. New faces are welcome. Commitment is 1 hour per month so please if you have an hour to spare leave your name at the Parish Office.

Art and Environment
The Art and Environment portfolio contributes in the organizing and arranging of flowers and/or ideas, information or designs for church celebrations, weddings or other special occasions.

They are a team of voluntary helpers who are required only to give a small amount of their time and a roster system is used to keep this time to a minimum. There is no need to have experience in floristry or floral arranging, just a flair of satisfaction and the enjoyment of helping to make our church look very special.

Data Projector Operators
The Data Projector Operators run the Mass powerpoint on the data console which is an important function during the Liturgy. Training is provided. Volunteers are always welcome.